Automotive Services for You - Glass Shields, Security Film and Vehicle Wrapping.

The Ultimate In Car Window Tinting And Glass Protection.

Getting your vehicle windows tinted will definitely add a touch of definition, or if our client prefers, pure privacy. We offer different services, so each client is individually catered for. You can choose to either just have your windows tinted, or you can upgrade to glass shield (security tint) which is available in clear, or if preferred, tinted version. Whatever our customers decide they can be assured that with the excellent superiority of our work we can guarantee that upon application of the tint there will be:

  • No gaps or bubbles.
  • No exposed edges.
  • Lifetime warranty.

We aim to ensure that we apply only the best tint film to each vehicle.


Benefits Of Window Tinting.

Window tinting does not only offer a stylish addition to your vehicle, it also provides the practical and added benefits of:

  • Safety and security.
  • Enhanced privacy.
  • Control of annoying glare to children and pets.
  • Reduction of heat and elimination of harmful U.V rays.

These benefits will make certain that your vehicle will look stylish and elegant as well as bringing a safe and practical enhancement to your vehicle.


Glass Shield And Security Film

What is glass shield?

  • Super-strong, invisible multi-laminate polyester membrane, which we professionally bond to the inside of .... ....existing side windows.
  • Helps increase resistance of glass to breakage & keeps thieves out.
  • Optically clear, scratch resistant, easy to keep clean and available in clear and tinted version.

There is nothing worse than having your belongings stolen, especially from your car. By applying Glass Shield we offer a solution to keeping this crime as low as possible. Not only is Glass Shield a crime prevention tool, it also offers various advantages. We believe that safety is paramount and believe that glass shield will provide you with all the protection possible. If an accident occurs or a thief attempts to break the glass, the security film helps resist shatter of the glass and acts like a safety barrier to prevent flying shards of glass falling onto you or into your car. Security film is a super strong, clear, scratch resistant, multi laminate polyester membrane which is professionally bonded to the inside of the side windows and rear screen which is easy to keep clean, thus providing you with a beneficial and valuable improvement to your vehicle.


What Is Vehicle Wrapping?

Do you want an effective and resourceful way to advertise your business? With �vehicle wrapping� you can use your vehicle as a constant advertising tool. Vehicle wrapping is done by applying large panels of vinyl to the vehicle, with eye-catching designs which is then effectively �wrapped� around the body of the vehicle You can create vivid images that will stay with the passersby. Vehicle wrapping is ideal for all types of vehicles and is available for public and commercial vehicles, cars, vans and lorries and is the perfect opportunity for those who want to expand their business. It allows you to advertise your company�s products and services by using the �wrap� concept.The benefits of wrapping include:

  • Cost effective advertising.
  • A well-imaged vehicle bodes well for prospering businesses and vehicle wrapping allows image conscious
    ....businesses to portray a professional picture.
  • Allows you to make an immediate and lasting impression on potential customers.
  • Protects your paint work against SCUFFS,SCRATCHS & stone chips.

Vehicle wrapping is a perfect advertising tool as it is easy to remove the vinyl imagery and restore the vehicle to its original colour or for rebranding purposes.

To ensure that each customer leaves with 100% satisfaction we use the highest quality materials produced for the film industry. All tints have a high concentrate of scratch resistant coating and the method which we use, in which we apply the film to the glass, ensures that the finish is as good as factory tinted quality.